Open in browser My speech at the CDC meeting today I was selected to give a 3-minute comment at the ACIP meeting today (May 19). This is the CDC's advisory committee on vaccines. Here's what I am going to say in the Public Comments section at 1pm EDT
First Day is Free
May 8 in Chicago, plus other cities
Before describing the Icarus moment, I wish to attract your attention to a timely prime example of Icarus – the WHO, getting awfully close to the sun…
May 4, 1970 Four Dead in Ohio, song by Neil Young. Here is the background history of the song. It could have been me. song by Holly Near. In retrospect…
Dear Friends and New Subscribers (thanks to Tessa), I am very pleased and grateful to post 3 videos - an interview with Tessa Lena on nuclear fears…
Quantum Politics and Second Order Change
A Lesson in Unwitting Compliance
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