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I am with Sasha Latypova; it is time we called these hypodermics what they are - 'ballistics'. So I have corrected your heading 'The World Ballistics Congress in DC April 3 - 6 2023'.

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This is all just overwhelming and terrifying. I am grateful that I am old and don't have to watch years of this tyranny be put into practice. But my CHILDREN - MY GRANDCHILDREN! And they REFUSE to listen to me at all.

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Apr 1, 2023·edited Apr 1, 2023

I did not see the word human HEALTH. It's all "their" same bullsh.. . their psychos. Like Dr. A repeatedly says "lock them ALL up."

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"Vaccine Safety

Hesitancy & Misinformation

Surveillance Systems

Pharmacovigilance Tools

Benefit/Risk Assessments"

Of course, misinformation goes with hesitancy, and is first. Then surveillance. And benefit/risk assessment, of course in name only, is last.

Thanks for this, Diane. It was obviously not your writing! So painfully fake ... Some of them do actually believe this stuff .. I wonder how many ...

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Diane, I clicked on annual paid subscription and it tossed me out somehow. I'll try again!

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The lack of safety of EUA jabs is helping to bring some focus on vaccines in general and the child vaccines schedule in specific. From my observations the prevalence of autoimmune and neuropsych diseases in children follows proportionately the introduction of additional items to the schedule. This truly indicates the need for a focus of research on safety of the multiple shot combination schedule and increase use of precautionary principles. Now is the time, for the childrens’ sake. They’re our future.

Prevention makes good sense. In any case fear of polio, measles, mumps, etc, it is gone as we also have near perfect methods for addressing usual childhood infections in the work of Frederick Klenner MD from NC, USA

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