Mar 25, 2022Liked by Diane Perlman, PhD

Cartoon translations:

Top one says NATO, that one is obvious

The caption on the one with the planets says: The Pentagon’s Dream (the names of the planets are on the planets)

The peace pigeon says: “Washington’s peaceful Trojan pigeon”

The one with the dragon says: “Soviet war threat” although that bottom word is really hard to make out.

The fleecing one has the names Japan, Western Europe, and I think the bottom one says “for defense”

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A President either accused of a fraudulent election, whether true, partially true, or not true, will have a bearing on the potential for nuclear war soon.

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Exceptional piece! To me, the most frightening aspect of your article is Note 4 regarding the quote by Psychologist Ralph K. White. It seems that we must defeat the "forces driving the conflict and manipulating fear" before we can even attempt to adequately understand/address the problem, be it the war in Ukraine or the "war against COVID".

Looking forward to viewing the suggested videos I hadn't already run across...

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