Diane - Excellent article! You have profound clarity about all of this, thank you!

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Mar 30, 2023Liked by Diane Perlman, PhD

The most crucial time to learn to trust our own authority is before we are cognitive. At that point learning is in the body - learning to trust that I will get what I want, learning to trust my own knowing that I know what I want, and learning to trust to initiate.

I taught school in Berkeley in the late 60's-early 70's in a school which had bussing to achieve racial equality, and in this school 4 of us had a school within the school which promoted child initiated learning as much as possible. What became clear to me then was that while the black kids came to school without much cognitive learning, they knew how to direct themselves; and the white kids had a lot of cognitive knowledge, but didn't know how to direct themselves when they finished something. And the black kids didn't care, for instance, what we thought about their paintings, while many of the white kids did. These observations were all anecdotal, but when I read Jean Liedloff's 'Continuum Concept' I gained an understanding about why this was true. Then I also understood the implications for me of having been in an incubator for 3 weeks.

Gabor Mate's new book, 'The Myth of Normal' explains it very well - the consequences of being too much in our heads and not heart connected to our own knowing, and how the culture will be affected by that.

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Mar 31, 2023Liked by Diane Perlman, PhD

If you trust pHarma...then you are pretty much clueless at this point - degree or not!

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University educated refuser checking in. Hesitant implies you might consider it. No way. Health care should only be for bullet wounds and broken bones. God did not create us to require injections of any kind.

Except for the ladies and my love injections. Oops, that might have come out wrong.

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Why no jabs?

Dr. T Goyetche ( sp?) wrote, " I will repeat my challenge! I challenge anybody to show me a full three-phase clinical trial in which any #mRNA #vaccine technology has ever completed a three-phase clinical trial with positive results before it being accepted under #EUA (Emergency Use Authorization.) It never has. So why did the CDC, FDA , and health authorities worldwide uniformly and without question, accept a vaccine technology that never had a positive result in a three-phase clinical trial throughout the entire history of the technology? Does anyone care to answer this?"

Thank you!

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I refused and long to help others. But as an RN, I feel like it's a losing battle. Thank you, Dr Perlman.

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Apr 1, 2023·edited Apr 1, 2023

Diane, Loved your detailed posting and will carefully work through it for enlightenment. Thank you for sharing your knowledge.

Many in the population have been burned by studies, surveys, media portrayal, being mocked and categorized indiscriminately as less than intelligent. Burned, resulting in the shying away from or avoiding completely participating in surveys of any kind. Will not offer their opinion when approached for a ‘man on the street’ query, nor will they even begin an online survey, nor even pick up the phone. Some find the construct of Facebook to be so suspiciously socially detrimental and censorious as to avoid that platform altogether.

Interviewers of all stripes carefully construct their questions to elicit intentionally revealing answers not only to the questions but about the respondent. Once beginning a survey of any kind the respondent is carefully guided down the path of increasingly revealing (important to the interviewer) questions. A perceptive individual, with enough innate discernment, becomes aware of underlying intent and begins to skip perceived intrusive overtly biased questions, then perhaps even terminating responding. Even the skipped questions and the point of termination is revealing to the interviewer.

Just finished reading a study having many participating authors. Addressing only one of the many problems with the study: one of their charts citing accumulated risk. For the accumulated risk after week two they have added the risk of week one to the risk of week two. And they continue this calculation week after week. Shared with spouse this interesting set of (mis)calculations to make it readily apparent: if on week one I have 10 eggs and remove one egg because it is cracked (10%); then on week two I have 10 eggs and remove one egg because it is cracked (10%). The week 2 cumulative cracked eggs are 2 out of 20, or 10%. It is NOT the total of 10% plus 10% to equal 20%. Such a gross misrepresentation; children in grade school know numerators, denominators, fractions, decimals. Am appalled that these types of studies are not only submitted without question. Having a degree does not confer an individual with common sense. We must question everything.

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Substack definitely helped me feel less alone during this era of insanity. People became so irrational that they had to emotionally justify so much nonsense and prescribed idiotic, undemocratic, and abusive government directives by hating on the non-compliers.

Thank you for your thoughtful writing.

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This is called "circular reasoning": "vaccines are bad be cause they are bad". You couldn't even graduate from grade school with that kind of non-reasoning. Vaccines are foreign bodies, of course, but that doesn't meanthat they are harmful. All they do is cause the body to react to something that is similar to a harmful virus, without being itself harmful. That will cause the body to be prepared to block the harmful virus when it appears. Without the vaccine, you could die from the first contact with the harmful virus. NOW do you understand?

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I would add to the critical thinking skills perhaps a deep distrust of whatever narrative is being proffered as a routine, matter-of-course. Maybe even complete ignorance of what we're "supposed" to be thinking or feeling is now the norm among us, for lack of the normal media consumption habits. It's possible we're just not order-takers.

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Excellent article, and it certainly fits the characteristics of all those I've interacted with during the last 3 years -- except myself, just 3 credits shy of the master's degree. But somehow an old investigative journalist-turned artist has learned to be skeptical and seen what awful things happen is you fail to question a sales pitch. Thank you, Diane.

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It's irrelevant. What's important is how many (what proportion of) vaccinated people die and/or get long covid or other serious illness vs. how many un-vaccinated people die and/or get long covid or other serious illness. I'm sure that vaccinated people are better off. I've been vaccinated three times and have experienced no harm whatsoever. I just turned 80 and frequently spend a full day hiking to the woods and doing habitat restoration, as I did today. The vaccine may do some harm, but on average, I think that one is better off getting vaccinated.

But I think that you may be more inclined to listen to anti-vaxxers, so I suggest that you do your own research: find out what the last words were from anti-vaxxers who die from covid. I would expect there to be some who have the guts to admit to having made a huge mistake by not getting vaccinated (of course once you have covid, it's too late to get vaccinated). By the laws of probability I'm sure that there is at least one such person.

Voila! This is the very first result of my google search:


‘This is not a hoax’: Family reveal tragic final words of anti-vaxxer, 28, who died of Covid

Mother says her son ‘would have made sure everyone knew how serious this disease is’ after admitting it was not a conspiracy while in an ICU

Gino Spocchia

Monday 26 July 2021 15:46


‘Time to start blaming the unvaccinated folks’: Alabama governor hits out as Covid cases rise in state

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The family of a 28-year-old anti-vaxxer who died from Covid have revealed how he regretted not getting vaccinated in his final days in an ICU unit, and admitted that it was “not a hoax”.

Curt Carpenter, of Pell City, Alabama, allegedly told his family the disease was “not a hoax” after believing in the fringe conspiracy and falling-ill in March. His mother, Christy Carpenter, also believed the virus was not real.

“It took watching my son die and me suffering the effects of Covid for us to realise we need the vaccine,” she told The Washington Post in a recent interview. “We did not get vaccinated when we had the opportunity and regret that so much now.”

Ms Carpenter said she and her son were anti-vaxxers because “it took years to create other vaccines”. The family eventually caught Covid and Curt was taken to an ICU unit in Birmingham, Alabama. He died on 2 May after 51 days on a ventilator.

“Curt thought Covid was a hoax and did not take it seriously, until he could not breathe without the oxygen,” she added in an interview the Montogomery Advertiser in Alabama. Among his last words were: “This is not a hoax, this is real.”


Jill Biden calls on unvaccinated in Hawaii to get shots

‘Time to start blaming the unvaccinated folks’: Alabama governor hits out as Covid cases rise in state

Fauci says vaccinated Americans could be forced to wear masks again amid Delta spike

“I know that if Curt had survived, he would have made sure everyone knew how serious this disease is, and how important the vaccine is,” she added, and said it was her her “mission” to inform Alabamans of the importance of getting vaccinated against Covid.

The story, which circulated on social media at the weekend, is one of many amid a surge of Covid in Alabama and a swathe of southern Republican-leaning states where vaccinate rates are among the lowest in the whole US.

Alabama governor Kay Ivey last week told reporters in Birmingham, Alabama, that it was time “to start blaming the unvaccinated folks, not the regular folks” for a rise in infections and hospitalisations in her state.

According to the CDC, as few as 39.8 per cent of Alabamans aged 12 and older have been fully vaccinated against Covid, compared to the American average of 48.8 per cent.

Vaccine hesitancy has largely been seen among Republicans, and was to blame for the Biden administration missing a 4 July target of getting 70 per cent of adults vaccinated. Fringe conspiracies about Covid have meanwhile been spread online.

More about


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I don’t have an advanced degree, but after years of dealing with health issues and finally realizing western medicine was not helping, but hurting, I turned to the functional medicine / holistic approach and was already “Pharma hesitant”. I also learned to tune out traditional dietary advice of low fat, fake meat, etc. Many people in the natural health movement were not going to fall for the propaganda, because we have been lied to about so many things. Most of us got here after overcoming our own health struggles and sure aren’t going to be a Guinea pig again.

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