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Political Therapy is devoted to raising consciousness to shift the current paradigm dominated by zero sum power politics to a creative, problem solving approach that a

* Politically independent, post-partisan, off the right-left axis

* Encouraging curiosity, discernment, open-mindedness, respectful dialogue, understanding different perspectives

* Based on interdisciplinary social sciences, psychology, history, conflict analysis and peace studies, validated by multiple sources uninfluenced by money, power or any conflicts of interest

* Aspiring to non zero, win-win strategies to develop best case scenarios for all legitimate parties

* Educational, relying on irrefutable facts, demystification from psychological manipulation

* More complex than simplistic, concrete, black-and-white thinking, beyond “pro” and “anti”

* Perceive patterns, connect dots and think for yourself.

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A transcendent, solution-oriented, therapeutic, healing approach to conflicts and reversing cycles of violence based on interdisciplinary social science, peace studies and conflict transformation.


Clinical & political psychologist, conflict analyst, social scientist, investigating psychological manipulation of fear, demystification, political dynamics, nuclear proliferation, conflict transformation, psychoneuroimmunology & immune function