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Voting at the Bottom of Maslow’s Hierarchy of Needs

Happy 74th Human Rights Day!

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Informed Coercion: Addendum to the Nuremburg Code


Highly Recommend Tessa Lena's Interview with Alexandra Latypova

Messing with Evolutionary Biology

A Guided Tour of the Nuclear Nonproliferation Treaty Review Conference: Failures, Flaws, and Promises

Psychology of Totalitarianism Class Starts tonight

Manhattan: Brought to You by Pfizer

For Those Who Still Trust the FDA

Video: Eros Perverted: Analyzing Violence Through the Lens of Gender

Neutralizing Dirty Tricksters

Quick, Easy Opportunity to Call NPR (WAMU) Comment Line with Questions about Covid Shots for Kids

Declaration of Independents!

VRBPAC Virtual Meeting: FDA’s ‘Future Framework’ — June 28th

2 Usable Informed Consent Checklists for Little Ones

Before It’s Too Late, Before You Jab Your Little One …

40 Years Ago Today

The Anatomy and Dynamics of Mass Formation

Comments open — Tell the FDA what you think about COVID shots in kids under 5!

Sabotaging Finlandia

BEST CASE SCENARIO.Solutions - Cheaper, Deeper, Faster, Better

Legal Abuse Syndrome: A Psychic Injury Causing Invisible Disability

CDC ACIP Meeting Happening Now - Steve Kirsch will Comment at 1

Covid Con & Beyond starts in a few hours

Crimes Against Humanity 9 City Tour - Spread the Word

Preparing for the Icarus Moment as They Get Closer to the Sun

Four Dead in Ohio: It Could Have Been Me

3 Videos - With a Little Help From My Friends

Wise Power™ Paradigm: Beyond Hard, Soft and Smart Power

Don’t Fall for WHO’s PsyOps – but COMMENT NOW on WHO Pandemic Treaty

Defeat the Mandates Rally in LA Now

Don’t Use the V word – at all

Interpreting Our Collective Waking Dream

FDA VRBPAC Meeting Now, 4/6 All day

PsyOps on Moms and Pops for Giving Covid Shots to Tots

Ukraine -Deja Vu 1984: Political Egocentrism, Nuclear Narcissism and Political Maturity

Name That Shot Contest. The Winner Is …

For the Little Ones - Toby's Urgent Call to Action and My Truly, Deeply, Fully Informed Consent on Behalf of Our Youngest

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Super Bowl Sunday Funnies Cartoon Essay

Meryl Nass's First, Brilliant Substack Entry

Link for Meryl Nass's Live Blog for CDC ACIP Meeting

CDC ACIP Meeting 10 - 5 today

CDC's ACIP meeting, 2/4, 10 AM - 5 PM

Don't Be A Sucker: Think for Yourself

Natural Immunity Pass: NIP Covid in the Butt

Wishing you a Meaningful MLK Day

Fauci Runner-Up for Good Human of the Week

The Silence of the Scams: Psychological Resistance to Facing Fraud

Course Offerings from James Lyons Weiler and the Institute for Pure and Applied Knowledge.

CDC/ACIP Hopes You Won’t Notice Their Dirty Tricks

Japan's Enlightened Covid Policy

Introducing TRANSCEND, TMS and

Request Fact Check for Fareed's Take

CDC ACIP – Advisory Committee on Immunization Practices, today - 1 - 5 EST just announced